Welcome to Glad To Create!

Looking for a meticulous editor? A creative adviser? Up-to-date tips on the publishing industry and how to hone your craft?

Maybe a refreshing read?

This website will provide resources to help further your creative journey, as well as give you an insight into mine. I’d be glad to work with you one-on-one, whether you need to clean-up your manuscript or need help with creative direction. I will also be blogging about my own investigations into the writing profession, including developments in the industry, as well as tips about what has worked for me.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, web junkie or a serious author, there will be something here that you’ll be glad to stay for!


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Gladys was mentoring me for a few days. She reviewed my chapters and gave honest feedback. She was good at appreciating what I did right and corrected politely what I did wrong. It was honestly a good experience. I even became her friend. If you are looking for anyone to mentor you she is the right person.

– Varsha

It’s a great experience working with Gladys. Instead of simply going over grammar errors, she really involves herself in the story. She never makes a change without informing you.

What I like best is the way she questions everything. Like “Why is this sentence here? Does it fit with the story?” And in turn makes you think about all the details. Makes you come up with the things to set your story right. Plus she’s very encouraging.

Abhishri P, author of Tangled Illusions